Eman S. Alashwali

Achievements 1st Hacking Competition → Click-Jacking Project

Click-Jacking and Phishing Project

by Tounsi, A., Al-Ghamdi, E., Al-Mohayawi, R., Younis, S., and Kadi, M. (2013)


This paper will illustrates the ClickJacking Attacks and Phishing. Starting by introducing the concept of ClickJacking and issues resulting from it. The paper will show some implemented real-life ClickJacking examples. Adding to it a Phishing example that will show the slight difference between ClickJacking and Phishing attacks. Also, it will show the different types of defenses for different types of attack .At the end of this paper, we will review our work and the gained benefits after this experience.

Experiemnt Screen Shots