Eman S. Alashwali

I was fortunate to be the first Head of the Labs & Technical Support (LATS) unit in FCIT-KAU. During my appointment, from 2008 to 2011, I worked on shaping the standards, best practices, and procedures of the unit. I also was the Coach for a generation of newly hired technicians in two units (both at LATS and Computer Skills unit).

Some of the initiatives and achievements I worked in:

  1. Getting the ISO accreditation for quality management. Learn more...
  2. The Student Employment at LATS unit. Learn more...
  3. The Open Access Lab (OAL). Learn more...
  4. The Student Summer Training Program. Learn more...
  5. Automating the Technical Support. Learn more...
  6. FCIT file servers. Learn more...

  1. ISO Accreditation - إعتماد الأيزو لإدارة الجودة
  2. We worked on meeting the requirements to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality management systems as part of FCIT-KAU ISO project. The unit passed the auditing from 1st time without any modifications. The ISO internal and external auditors had praised the unit performance. The unit's procedures were one of the most robust and effective procedures in the college. All these procedures and forms are still effectively used to date. The unit's forms, procedures and best practices documents were exemplary and adopted and used in at least three other colleges in KAU. Our work had great impact in improving the unit's performance and the other technical supports units at KAU. 

    Fig. 1 - ISO accreditation obtained in 2009.

  3. The Student Employment - توظيف الطالبات بالساعة
  4. We made an agreement between the Student Affairs and the LATS unit to provide students paid job contracts and we provide the jobs, hire and train the college students to fill our needs. It was a first of its kind agreement in all colleges at KAU. It was a successful proposal which is still running to date.

  5. Founding the Open Access Lab (OAL) - المعمل المفتوح
  6. We founded the Open Access Lab (OAL) that opened its doors in 2009 and still running to date. The idea came from our observation to the students need for a lab open for use at any time for any purpose.

    Fig. 2 - The Open Access Lab (OAL) opened its doors in 2009

    The nice thing thing about LATS is that it is run by students and for students. The lab was supervised and maintained by student-employees. The hourly-based student employment at LATS was another initiative that we started in LATS.

    Fig. 3 - The 1st Open Access Lab (OAL) - Lab 3-132 - 2009

    The students feedback says that nearly 96% believed the lab is a useful idea, about 58% said it helped them achieve their projects, and 50% stated that it helped them to perform group projects.

    Fig. 4 - The anonymous student survey results 2010. Source: LATS Catalogue 2010/2011

    OAL is still running to date by student employees and relocated to a larger lab. It is always crowded and some times students can't find a seat.

    Fig. 5 - OAL 2015.

  7. The Student Summer Training Program - برنامج التدريب الصيفي للطالبات
  8. The goal of this program is to allow students get hands-on experience on technical support and computer maintenance during the summer while helping the technicians in the annual maintenance and labs preparations. It was the 1st ever summer training program at FCIT-KAU. Based on the trainees very positive feedback, LATS continued to offer the program till this day.

  9. Automating the Technical Support Requests - أتمتتة طلبات الدعم الفني
  10. We worked on automating the technical support requests through official email address, electronic forms, central requests assignment to technicians. We successfully replaced the old tedious methods of personal/phone contact and filling hard-copy forms to receive technical support.

  11. FCIT File Servers - خوادم ملفات كلية الحاسبات
  12. I worked on installing, configuring and activating the two main servers at the college, namely: fcitgsrv1 and fcitgsrv2.